hello there guys I think what needs to happen is that norton and safer networks need to work together. It dont matter if it's on or the other company that dont want to do this. What im going to do is contact a a magazine here in the uk called webuser and see if they can run a article. This might wake up norton and give them a kick up the backside. I think norton needs to wake up and stop trying to control everyone. i will get back to you and let you know what the out come is and see if this can get sorted. Im going to see if a mate will see if he can get a meeting with the seo but can't promise anything all i can do is try. Lets sort this out and move forword. The main gold for both of you is to stop thing from geting in our systems like spyware viruses ect... mabye in the end of all this you 2 can work together. The thing i would like to see is you 2 building defences and updates together. hope this can get sorted