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Thread: "system has recovered from a serious error"

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    I mentioned winamp becouse you did in your first post. winamp is a media player.

    i have no idea what this is, but i was just looking through my c drive and found a folder called "c7bebf6fd69d3fc7be9a7f872d990d54"
    Not wo worry about those, It is from windows update.
    Post a report from this tool if any FILES show
    F-Secure Blacklight:
    Click the i accept button near the bottom of that page.
    click the first download button (version with grapichal user interface)
    Download/save (not open) and run blacklite click > scan then > next, next again then exit
    there will be a new txt near blacklite. post it please.
    Important: If any files show Do not rename them YET.....legitimate files can be listed.

    Download and run Silentrunners.Vbs post the log it creates please click no to not skip the suplimentry searchs
    Wait until there is a All Done message !!, Then open and post the log next to it.
    Your antivirus script protection might interfear or alert, please allow it to run after a bit box will say done.
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    This topic has been closed to prevent others with similar issues posting in it.

    If you need it re-opened, please send me a private message (pm) and provide a link to this thread.
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