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Thread: Cimuz...possible false positive?

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    The fact Spybot is not taking a backup appears to be another problem in addition to the original detection of:
    • Cimuz: <$WINSOCK> (Winsock, ...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by timzak View Post

    I don't know where Yodama came up with mswsck32.dll as neither I nor hvtemp mentioned that in our posts?
    I came up with mswsck32.dll because that is what our detection is looking for in this context.
    For the time being we have removed this Winsockcheck from our detection and are going to conduct more tests to avoid such issues again.
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    Thanks for your help. I noticed in the latest update I no longer get the Cimuz detection.

    I appreciate the hard work you and your teammates put into this free product. I think sometimes we lose sight of this fact, but I wanted to let you know your collective efforts are not unnoticed!

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    Default Tnx!

    Yeah.. tnx.

    I like the respons and the people at this site.
    Tnx again for a great program...and a quick action... I will keep using it and recommend it to my friends.

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