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2005-10-28, 10:53
First of all thanks for the providers of SpyBot for giving a great solution for "FREE".

I was using Spybot for a long time and havent had any problems with spybot . But now the resident shield is not working properly. When it Asks permission from the user for either adding or removing entries, i cannot either deny or accept the changes. The windows that pops up from the right hand side bottom corner seems to have some problem.

I have attached a screen shot of the problem.

Any solution?

2005-10-28, 11:00

This is a little bug in version 1.4. We have already been able to locate and fix it. The fix will be downloadable with our next program upgrade. We hope that it will be available soon.
As a current solution you can work with your keyboard. Use the cursor keys to switch between the buttons ("Allow" is on the left, "Deny" on the right) and the space key to enter your selection. You can also press "A" on your keyboard for "Allow change" or "D" for "Deny change". The Checkbox for "Remember this decision" will work correctly in spite of the graphical issue. If you don't like to use the above workarounds you can disable TeaTimer as follows:
- Go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced Mode > Tools > Resident.
- Uncheck the following: Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) Active.
For more information please have a look here:

Best regards
Team Spybot