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2007-08-19, 06:08
xp pro sp2

Just wondering, since i search for updates and i tick all and download all what is the point for it remaining open, can it close automatically.

2007-08-19, 16:22
Well, a release candidate is a release candidate, no room for new features, sorry ;)

Usually, when an application just closes itself, people get scared, don't know if the program crashed since they have no chance to test the outcome of the operation of the software.

There are some occasions where it might automatically close, e.g. if you start it from inside Spybot and it finds no new updates, it will close after showing you that there are none. But when you download a file with your browser (or preferred download manager), for example, do you expect those to close when finished?

If you want to have it closed when finished, just edit the start menu item and add an /autoupdate /autoclose, that should suit your needs without confusing other users :)