View Full Version : Spybot 1.5.2 RC1 ( beta) is Incompatible With KIS

2008-01-08, 00:44
I just installed Spybot 1.5.2 RC1 ( beta) on my Vista system and found a serious problem. It appears that Spybot is not compatible with Kaspersky Internet Security v7.0.0.125 (KIS). Spybot somehow changes the code (registry?) associated with the firewall section of the program. I confirmed that Spybot 1.5.2 RC1 was the problem by uninstalling it and reloading KIS. Everything worked properly. I reinstalled Spybot and KIS was damaged again. I then uninstalled Spybot, Re installed KIS, and everything was fine. I then installed Spybot v1.5.0.13 and well. Their is a problem with the new version that needs to be investigated.

2008-01-08, 09:44
Spybot-S&D doesn't change the "registry firewall section" by itself; there's a detection for entries by firewall software that does not integrate into the Windows Security Center and disables the WSC firewall notification, but that should be the same in any Spybot-S&D version.

Do you remember if installing alone was the problem, or did yo scan or immunize something after the installation and before KIS failed?

2008-01-08, 17:45
The installation process I used included:

1.Not backing up the registry
2.Updating the Database
3.Immunizing after updating
4.Running the program

This is the process that Spybot itself institutes. The program walks you through this process and has always worked in the past. I do know that the previous version of Spybot does not cause this problem. Something has changed in the new RC1 version.

The symptoms are as follows:

1.First I launched Firefox v2.0.0.11

2.Certain web pages that were never blocked before became blocked. I get a message that stated that Kaspersky had bocked the page. By turning off the firewall, the page was no longer blocked. Their is no way to enable those pages either (I tried every KIS setting I could).

3.Other pages did not load properly. It looked as though some of the Scripts were blocked. However, I enabled all of the Scripts and nothing changed.

4.I then uninstalled Spybot and reinstalled KIS. Everything worked properly.

5.I then reinstalled Spybot using the set by step process outlined by the installer (see above) and the problem returned.

6.However, when I installed the previous version of Spybot everything worked properly. This included performing all of the installation steps recommended by the insataller (including Updating and Imminization).

I hope this helps you to isolate the problem.