View Full Version : Problem with win xp remote desktop

2005-11-10, 11:37
I've just come across an odd problem. On a friends machine running Winxp professional spanish with only sp1 not sp2, I connected using remote desktop and installed spybot.
The installation worked ok but the 'check for problems' button finished in seconds.

I went to the console and reexecuted spybot and it worked correctly.

Spybot was downloaded from spybot.info this morning (10/11/05)


Ian Murphy

2005-11-10, 14:39
Sometimes after a fresh installation or update, Spybot accidently selects not all 'file sets'.
Please run Spybot - Search & Destroy and switch to "Advanced mode" via the menu bar item "Mode" and select "Settings" --> "File Sets" in the left bar. There, please right-click somewhere into the list and "select all available checks" if it does not recover again within the next check.