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2013-03-03, 08:02
Today I tried to run my first Rootkit scans

The first scan took a long time and I had to stop it using Task Manager because I could not wait for it to finish.

The second scan I believe I stopped using the Stop Button in the Rootkit scan window
-It showed to have taken almost 3 hours and finished; but, I don't think it really finished.

When I tried to attach the logs they were huge (and, as I said, they donít look like they were finshed.) and the tool to attach just stood still.
-One Log is 41 MB in size
-The Second (longer run log) is 56 MG in size

And, to try to create a file to copy from into this narrative portion of the submission rather than use attached files since that did not work, it created a file over 24,000 pages in Microsoft Word.

So, I would really appreciate your help.

My Questions are:

1. How can I attach the files or otherwise send the data to you to see if the Rootkit Scan did indeed run and if these are real or not real problems

2. Can you think of anything Iím doing wrong or that is regularly done wrong to create such large result and long scan times?

The overall questions I wanted to ask Ė had I been able to attach or send the log files were:

1. Based upon the below logs - did either of the scans completely finish?

2. Can you tell why the scans were taking so long and do you have suggestions about anything I might be doing wrong to cause them to take so long?

3. Do you see any real rootkit problems in these results?


2013-03-04, 13:26

That sounds a lot like this (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=67811).

Best regards
Team Spybot

2013-03-05, 09:34
Thank you Sandra.
-I looked the other thread. Sounds like that problem - at least they are similar.

-Are you saying I just have to wait or should I try again with some differences in how I try?

-Also, while the file sizes are WAY too large (as I said) to send via the forum, would it help if I sent a small portion of the file via the forum or if I sent both logs via regular direct e-mail to the Spybot team (and to what e-mail address) so the development team can have my data to help analyze?


2013-03-05, 15:23

This is a known issue with the Application Data folder which should be fixed in a new version of Spybot. For now you can ignore that problem.

Best regards
Team Spybot