View Full Version : Beware of AdminMagic!

2005-12-14, 19:49
This happened last year, but I just joined up here and wanted to make sure y'all knew about this.

I started dating this girl, and she had just broken up with her last boyfriend (who turned out to be a network security engineer). He had the amazing ability of learning specific details of what she and I were doing, when we went out, what base I slid into, etc. He said he had an informant, but refused to tell us WHO it was.

Well, I started wondering if he was somehow jacking into my computer. I ran Spybot, spywareblaster, Microsoft's anti-spyware thing, adaware, and Spyware Protection from AOL. Only the last (AOL) detected the presense of AdminMagic. It is a remote desktop program offered free from several places on the web. The nasty thing is, you do not need permission to place it on someone's computer. He had put it on mine, hers, and her best friend's computer. The bastard! He was reading EVERYTHING.

So, I think this is pretty malicious, and hope that S&D will some day detect the presence of this foul software, if it doesn't already.

2005-12-15, 02:22

Sorry to hear of your experience.

AdminMagic has a free trial but then is supposed to be purchased. A legitimate program that could be used unwisely.