Product: Spybot Anti-Beacon (Portable)

Stopping Windows' telemetry

  1.  Description

    1. Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows 10 is a small utility designed to block and stop the various tracking (aka telemetry) issues that come with Windows 10. Seeing the bunch of incomplete or broken scripts to disable tracking in Windows 10, and the tools that install adware or worse in exchange for their function, we wrapped disabling tracking up in a small tool thatís free and clean. With the upcoming news about telemetry in Windows 7 and 8.1, Spybot Anti-Beacon has added support for those as well.

      Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

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      Spybot Anti-Beacon v1 showing all immunized
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      Spybot Anti-Beacon v3.1 showing all immunized (light mode)
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      Spybot Anti-Beacon v3.1 showing all immunized (dark mode)

      Supported languages: Chinese, English, German

Version History

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      With the release of Spybot Anti-Beacon 3.7, we have added telemetry blocks for many common third party telemetry/tracking tools, but also specific ones for gamers, and some for popular apps.

      New Protection

      Software Changes
      • Accessibility improvements (see Settings)

      • Various bugfixes

      • 2021-05-04
      • 3.7
      11.1 MB 
      • CRC32: DADEB91C
      • MD5: E23CF95E7A9FC20264194CCFB8F66CB9
      • SHA1: C26C309F81123E2B7F71765838CB661ED7B08169
      • 2020-02-05
      • 3.5
      8.2 MB 
      • CRC32: F4F15A11
      • MD5: 33C067B95093F0A79DCB22245A1378BE
      • SHA1: 435F1B41147B56E6E221D96367D057B7A1992CA2
    2. Download

      New protection

      Improved detection Software changes
      • Fixed silent mode.
      • New Details view for descriptions without opening a browser (also brings back exact entry details for those users technically inclined).
      • New Settings screen for settings previously available only as part of the installer.
      • Improved sorting and categorization of customization screen.
      • Support for new Windows 10 dark mode.
      • Updated OpenSSL libraries (1.0.2p).
      • Updated SQLite3 library (3.25.2).

      • 2018-10-24
      • 3.1.6
      7.6 MB 
      • CRC32: DD1DE919
      • MD5: 18367F775577E13122FEFBF9AA3F47AD
      • SHA1: 10750698BD9C6ED1D8CE30DA9C8E11436A48C145
    3. Download

      • Additional Telemetry Immunization Categories
      • Additional Blocked Hosts
      • Immunization of Office 13/16 Telemetry Scheduled Tasks and Options is possible even if Microsoft Office is not installed

      • 2016-11-11
      2 MB 
      • CRC32: E5D9CE19
      • MD5: 2C302FCA8E8D279DCF3DDEA69744AA5E
      • SHA1: 7E0834D95ED73B33D1F7347499B3C84D3A8EEDAC
    4. Download

      • Implemented /silent
      • Added Office 15 (2013) Telemetry immunization (Group Policies & Scheduled Tasks)
      • Added Office 16 (2016) Telemetry immunization (Group Policies & Scheduled Tasks)
      • Hosts file block IP default changed from to
      • Added own group policy for hosts file read only flag
      • Added own group policy for hosts file block IP
      • Added own group policies for hiding each immunizer
      • Added OpenSSL libraries to installer
      • Added OpenSSL credits to About dialog
      • Added own scheduled task

      • 2015-10-19
      2.7 MB 
      • CRC32: D21B8A14
      • MD5: A7046F0F42C7C3CBD8C0701B26D6EDC8
      • SHA1: 323B7948D5D1E89C2F4BC10598050C2CF63577D5
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      • Service names are now read from the registry to be in local language
      • About dialog now has an update checker
      • Added details option to Optional immunizers
      • Added FAQ tab
      • Change log moved to About dialog to avoid too many main tabs and standardize SNL app changelogs
      • Added license to About dialog
      • Height auto-adjusted to screens work area now
      • Base immunization type for adding IPs to firewall
      • Added license to installer

      • 2015-09-16
      1.6 MB 
      • CRC32: 7F267614
      • MD5: 5DE266BD55522CAE5830BD62A6CC38A0
      • SHA1: 6FD5A3CE0779584700F6241F1286D5E9BE21D04C
    6. Download

      • Moved option to show/hide checkboxes to global button
      • Added details for most entries
      • Added task bar color progress
      • Added task bar tasks
      • Fixed hosts file locked issue
      • Improved log output
      • added command line parameters

      • 2015-09-09
      1.2 MB 
      • CRC32: BD1DD232
      • MD5: 73C4EAF1259E5AEFB95F74D71D8A4F73
      • SHA1: A29910666BF4EBC96138C3A14F5FEDD089E8378C