Product: RootAlyzer

Shows all the spots where malware tries to hide.

  1.  Description

    1. Rootkits are a technology that is more and more often used by malware to hide themselves on system level, making themselves invisible to standard tools. Our plugins help Spybot-S&D to detect this malware, and our RootAlyzer shows you anything that uses certain rootkit technologies, even if it's not in Spybot-S&Ds detection database.

      The RootAlyzer is a single tool which goes through the file system, the registry and process related lists. When you start RootAlyzer, it performs a very quick scan of a few important places, taking about a second on modern machines. To check the full system, you have the possibility of choosing a Deep Scan.

      Supported OS: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, Win Server 2003, WinXP64, Vista, Win Server 2008, WinPE

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      The quick scan as done when starting RootAlyzer.
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      The deep scan that takes a few minutes to scan selected drives and registry completely.
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      RootAlyzer can create Spybot-S&D OpenSBI code for search results.
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      RootAlyzer shows details of a detected hidden process.
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      RootAlyzer shows details of a detected registry key (dummy in this case).

      Supported languages: English

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      Improved file removal methods.

      • 2009-04-15
      1.3 MB 
      • CRC32: 229FC91E
      • MD5: 52DA6E6FF21DA4D8C37934EF2E1E2A87
      • SHA1: 92D8DF2B2CB34E7BC3AB05FD8564EE8E965495B8
      • 2008-05-14
      1015.6 kB 
      • CRC32: 3090A6A1
      • MD5: 2A0E446E37400B6BDE7AE689E8350D58
      • SHA1: 4E0AF1BFCAD9367A85C6CDA7749372940C70AC04
      • 2008-05-04
      992.7 kB 
      • CRC32: FA74B594
      • MD5: EF5C2B5DB09B3BDE2EA81CCCA34CD315
      • SHA1: AA455DB40B6F6C2D8AB2EDED1989AFBDBCE45D21
      • 2008-04-27
      1021.6 kB 
      • CRC32: 767D8766
      • MD5: A7797B4215BBA5D4D3E106658B5EE92F
      • SHA1: 47CAABF24C2AF7AAE417DCA306635DED3B7A5E69
      • 2008-04-27
      941.2 kB 
      • CRC32: F5F512DA
      • MD5: 7F4D46AEDCD298C0AB808C186F938205
      • SHA1: A69F61FD3F272B2DA0D3F960C53A9DCDA2D7E1BA
      • 2008-03-22
      924.3 kB 
      • CRC32: 856156E9
      • MD5: 915233EF223EAE1D9A585AC7E4411D58
      • SHA1: C2ACA93DBDBA868A7E07C14C7769D530966561CC
      • 2008-03-22
      774.8 kB 
      • CRC32: 489B1356
      • MD5: 050D8DB335FB8679791B61C71139A12F
      • SHA1: 791960800E9273E900540CAC27D669753F89F54E