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Thread: IE7 and Outlook HTML e-mail create is slow

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    Hello Again Everyone!

    After doing some more investigation into the matter of the typing delay caused by Spybot immunizations, I have discovered that there is yet another work-around solution. This work-around will enable any user to have both immunizations installed, as well as a speedy and functional HTML-based Outlook.

    The Steps:
    Start Outlook
    In the Menu Bar go to Tools/Options
    Click the "Security" tab
    Under the "Security Zones" section click on the pull-down menu
    Change the default (should be "Restricted sites") to "Internet Sites"
    Change this value back to the default ("Restricted sites")
    Click OK

    Voila, Outlook should work correctly again until its next reboot. Of course, you will have to repeat these steps each time that you start the program, but until there is a more permanent fix in place it will have to do.

    Clearly, the issue here is with Security Zones, as with my previous post I outlined how with immunizations installed Outlook is querying the registry for every single entry in the Zone Maps. Now, whether this is a bug in Outlook's behavior or perhaps a technical snafu on behalf of the immunization database is still unknown, but it is evident that the problem resides here. Of course, this behavior is perplexing, because as some of you may have noticed that on its own, Outlook will sometimes (although rarely) not suffer from the slowdown.

    Through my efforts, I am still trying to pinpoint the exact registry entry that may be causing Outlook to misbehave with regards to the Security Zones, but as it stands it is definitely a combination of Outlook 2003, Spybot Immunizations, and IE7.

    Hopefully, Team Spybot will be able to shed some light on this subject, as this is practically the only message board on the entire internet that has so accurately and effectively narrowed down the cause of this problem.

    The hunt continues, so good luck!

    -Ronald Reagan
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