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Thread: Kernel Fault Check

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    Default Kernel Fault Check

    Hi, before posting I did a search on “Kernel Fault Check” and found only one result which was in the Archives Forums dated Last Post 2007-06-07 at and moderated by Mr_JAk3. I’m not sure whether I should follow the advice given there towards the bottom of page 1 after Kernel Fault Check, highlighted in red by the search engine. I don’t have any problem with pop-ups. The problem I’m having is with the same Tea-Timer message on windows start up:

    Category: System Startup global entry
    Change: Value deleted
    Entry: Kernel Fault Check
    Old data: %systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 – k

    I don’t know what it signifies. The first time it happened I gave permission for the change but since then I’ve been refusing permission. Also, it may be coincidental but twice since that message started appearing the computer has run OK for hours and then suddenly rebooted itself for no apparent reason.

    I note a sticky saying not to post hijackthis logs here, and I assume that means until asked to?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    The following startup entry us a normal startup entry that is created the first time that Dumprep.exe runs, but it is optional (in other words it really doesn't matter if the startup entry exists or not):

    "KernelFaultCheck"="%systemroot%\\system32\\dumprep 0 -k"
    Dumprep is used in connection with memory dumps. If a serious error occurs, Dumprep.exe writes the error details to a text file. The Dumprep.exe tool then prompts you to send the error information to Microsoft.

    The startup entry is optional because the program will load when required if it is not loaded at system startup. If not loaded at system startup it will not use up any system resources until it is required.

    The message you receive indicates that the startup entry was being deleted. I don't know what stimulated the deletion of the startup entry, but allowing the deletion of the startup entry should not affect you or your system because as I stated, Dumprep.exe will load if required and therefore the startup entry is optional.

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    Default Thanks.

    Thank you very much. I'll instruct the resident to remember to allow the registry change. Best Wishes

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