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    Default BitDefender online scanner

    I don't know if anyone has noticed this before, but I thought I would mention it in case someone else finds it helpful.

    I like to use the Bitdefender online malware scanner just to get a second opinion. To get Bitdefender to work you have to do the following:

    Use IE
    Turn off IE's popup blocker.
    Make sure the security is set at "medium"
    Clear IE's temp files.
    Close IE.
    Disable your resident malware scanners.

    Well, I had to add one more step. I had to undo Spybot's immunizations because otherwise Bitdefender's anvirus signatures were not able to download. I had had a problem using Bitdefender when I had ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite installed. I think it was ZASS's handling of privacy features that was the problem. Bitdefender won't tolerate anything interfering with its handling of cookies, apparently.

    So I did that, then opened IE and cleared the temp files again, then restarted IE, and the antivirus signatures downloaded successfully.

    If you use Bitdefender, don't forget to enable the browser's security features and re-do spybot's immunization.

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    This portion of the forum is for everything related to Spybot-SD ; ).

    In my opinion, why go through all that trouble? Reset all Security Zones to default and the Advanced Settings for optimal performance (unless the user wants custom settings). There is no need to disable and undo both pop-up blocker and undo Spybot immunization. IE will warn about an attempt to install an Active X, if not then a separate window for the scanner.

    My AV ran fine (on) with the BitDefender online scanner.

    Clearing the cache, temp. files, and cookies, you might as well do to prevent slowdowns or intervention.

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