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Thread: First time user - Results

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    Question First time user - Results

    Today is the first time i have used Spybot and i have posted the scan results as i am not quite sure what to make of them. It is saying i have a few threat level 5's.

    One of them being Facebook Messenger. Now i know there are fake versions of FBM out there, but i downloaded this one from Facebook website so not sure why it is coming up.

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    If you want you can ignore that.
    As you can see on the right the Facebook Messenger is classified as PUPS.
    There is some stuff where the makers state they're not "spyware" and it's quite difficult to prove that they actually do "spy".

    We don't even name some "spyware" in the threat description, but as they are located in, they complain. So, we thought about how to solve this problem by creating another file, named XYZ, where we move such stuff. That way, they can't complain about being listed as "spyware" based on the fact that they're located in, and we can continue to detect them without fearing any consequences (we wouldn't change the threat description itself, of course).

    If you want to remove or fix a "PUPS" please do a scan. Then activate the checkbox in front of the respective item by ticking it. Now you can fix it.

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    Team Spybot

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