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Thread: Java and spybot

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbnetwork View Post
    May i ask, why you did not install the latest Version of Java (Jave 7 update 13) since it will include newer fixes.

    If the full scan did'nt find anything, i would say, its almost sure, its a false-positiv.
    I re-intalled java 6 update 39 to see if teatimer was going to flag it again.

    So I guess we can confirm it was a false positive?

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    yes, we can assume that this was a random TeaTimer false positive.

    Please make sure to install the latest version of Java just like bbnetwork proposed.
    If you don't need Java SE 6 for some special purpose it is recommended to install the latest version of Java SE 7.

    You will find and overview and download links here
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