Hello :-)

I have Spybot 1.4 I'm thinking of the feature that asks me to allow or deny when something wants to change the registry. For example, if I right click on the NetZero icon in the taskbar, go to options and select "launch NetZero when I start my computer," that Spybot feature asks me if I want to allow the necessary registry change. Generally speaking, like anyone, I may make a mistake now and then and allow or deny something I shouldn't have. How do I undo previous allowings and denials?

I'm also having trouble the same warning not appearing properly. The warning appears in the center of this screenshot.
The problem is obvious. I know that allow is on the left and deny is on the right, but who knows what else is affected? There could be things there that I would need to see that aren't showing because of the bug. Is there aything I can do about it?