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Thank you for the welcome, Tashi! Yesterday, I installed the small fix you gave us, and that allowed my scan to finish. However, I was still experiencing slow running Google and email issues with Windows Live Mail, so I bought and installed the Reimage Repair tool.
I am not familiar with that program other than the results of a Google search.

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. They advise scanning again after running this, so I started my Spybot scan. It ran to 100%, then started over again on its own. Then it seemed to get stuck at 4.9% for a very long time. It showed the same number listed in other posts in this forum (Firefox cookie issue?) I run Windows 10, and have the current Spybot Home paid edition.
As the fix for Spybot did work to resolve the original scan issue I don't know why another problem started. This happened after you'd installed and run the other program?

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