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Thread: Spybot System Scan Hangs - Using 50% CPU

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    Default Spybot System Scan Hangs - Using 50% CPU

    I have had occasions with 2,6 where a System Scan will begin usi9ng 50% CPU and not progress any further, Twuce ut has happened , and the scan says 100.0% complete. Other times it hangs earlier. When this happens, I cannot stop the scan using the provided button; I have to cancel via the Task Manager. The windows says "scan stopped", but the SDScan.exe executable still uses 50% CPU. If I restart the scan after cancelling, the scan runs to completion.

    When the scan hangs, is there any diagnostic to I can use to get more diagnostic information on what may be happening? In March I ran a SysInternals ProcessMonitor scan, and no records were captured.


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    Default Additional Documentation

    I am replying top my post with further information. I have had a few more "hangs" in the past week, and I have
    1) taken a dump via the Task Manager
    2) Gotten screen shots of Process Explorer; I have uploaded three JPEG images.

    I still need to know what other documentation I can get to help diagnose this problem. Thanks.
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    Hello bsfinkel,

    Please open a support ticket so they can troubleshoot this issue with you.

    You can also provide a link to this topic.

    Best regards.
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