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  1. 1shoppingcart.com
  2. Fixed: unvise32.exe Spybot-S&D 1.5.1
  3. NERO nmcdripserver
  4. System Internals: Programs in system environment path still detected as invalid.
  5. Kaspersky AVP
  6. Spyagent is crashing Spybot S&D
  7. mailskinner rtk can someone confirm.....
  8. SpyAgent unvise32.exe - Mystery Solved? Pinnacle Studio 8...
  9. False Positive for MegaWebAdvertising.com
  10. 3B Software
  12. silkroaonline.net blocked ??
  13. Can't access tradedoubler.com which is NOT spyware
  14. How to report possible False Positives
  15. False Positives cool.ne.jp
  16. Host file
  17. Possible False Positive Smitfraud-C.
  18. Tracking cookies are red
  19. Possible Microsoft.Windows.IEFirewallBypass False Positive
  20. Statcounter cookie
  21. False positive for Smitfraud-C?
  22. Naupoint?
  23. Thunderbird Portable + NSIS media extension (FP - i think)
  24. lsa and wget
  25. Net-Integration.net
  26. As Intended: Tvichw32.sys
  27. PeopleOnPage.ContextPlus
  28. Trouble with Hosts
  29. Smitfraud-C False Positive?
  30. Cydoor - false positive?
  31. Norton/Symantec reports Spybot innoculations as "Adware.SystemProcess"
  32. As Intended: eSupport.FFBiosExt Tvichw32.sys not listed anymore but others now
  33. NoAdware Detection
  34. 2 Stupid questions
  35. Need User Feedback: WebSpyShield false positive with the latest update?
  36. Spybot detects Stration.C
  37. Win32.Pakes.bqn
  38. determining if I really have AntiSpyZone ?
  39. Fixed: Protexis.MOD
  40. sqlite3.dll and the Programs folder?
  41. adware_memwatcher?
  42. False positives for Cimuz and TelekomBill.Fake
  43. AntiApyZone
  44. Win32.Agent.bfj
  45. Have Win32.Agent
  46. Yrefresher = AdSpy.TTC ?
  47. As Intended: RegistryFix
  48. FP? Zlob.DNSChanger.Rtk
  49. As Intended: False Positive for WinClear?
  50. Fixed: Win32.Autorun with ComputerTime installed.
  51. My Computer has a Virus
  52. Fixed: possible FP: libeay32.dllflagged as Win32.Delfzq
  53. Fixed: Virtumonde.ddc FPs?
  54. Fixed: False Positive or Not
  55. Smitfraud-C false positive
  56. Fixed: FP...Freshbinder w/C:\WINDOWS\WININIT.INI...Help Plz
  57. PremiumSearch
  58. Fixed: tapicfg.exe
  59. Fixed: SpyLantern
  60. Fixed: InControl
  61. Pest Patrol v Spybot S&D 1.5
  62. Seach & Destroy - Scan finds Immunization entries in Zonemaps / IE Zones
  63. Fixed: Identified CounterSpy as Fake.SpywareRemover
  64. Fixed: Detects SimpPro as NiceSpy.Keylogger
  65. a false positive or is it infected?
  66. Fixed: RegClean
  67. As Intended: HOSTS file and auto.search.msn.com
  68. Need User Feedback: win32rungbu.a?
  69. Fixed: NewsUpdate (Creative Labs)
  70. Fixed: MalWarrior TacOnlyOne
  71. Fixed: False positive for VX2.b.BDS
  72. Fixed: Blocked Legitimate Site
  73. I have problems with MAcro Buddy
  74. Fixed: False Positive for "ContraVirus" and "VirusBlast"
  75. Fixed: Hotlinkfiles.com
  76. Win32.Agent.cs
  77. Fixed: Win32.autorun.avi
  78. Fixed: SpyBossPro ijl11.dll
  79. Fixed: Hit on empty MW directory
  80. Fixed: Possible false positive (2008-05-21 Beta.sbi)
  81. Need User Feedback: powrprof.dll identified as both safe and dangerous
  82. Fixed: Scan suggests SmartPCKeylogger involving seemingly old file
  83. Fixed: SpyLocked may be a false positive
  84. Fixed: Probable FP of SpyBossPro keylogger
  85. Fixed: Detection rules for Delf.Spool.cn and/or the file ntdoss04.sys
  86. Fixed: Possible FP for aamd532.dll and SpyPry
  87. Fixed: Possible FP for Disk Cleaner
  88. Fixed: baidu.com in hosts?
  89. Fixed: PCSleek Free Error Scanner
  90. Fixed: Possible FP - Zlob.Downloader.jau on systemax PC
  91. Fixed: WmiApSrv\ErrorControl (2008-06-11 Beta.sbi includes)
  92. Need User Feedback: DropperAgent.IPC: a false positive?
  93. Unsupported outdated version: Potential False Positive with Spybot Ver 1.3 and coolwwwsearch.hjg
  94. Unsupported outdated version: New Defs and Old version cases logon issue
  95. Another false positive…?
  96. alexia related from 2004
  97. Confirmed (Heuristics): right click scanning of spybot detects smitfraud c all over the place!
  98. Confirmed: Many "False Positives" for older version.
  99. Fixed: False positive for PC Performance Optimizer
  100. Fixed: BugDoctor false positive?
  101. I hope these are falseies
  102. excite.com
  103. Need User Feedback: Smitfraud-C.gp false positive
  104. Fixed: Please Stop blocking in host file site - securitylab.ru
  105. Fixed: Fals positive for pkzipc.exe
  106. Fixed: Alexa related? False positive?
  107. Fixed: False Pos svc.exe SrvStart
  108. Need User Feedback: Userinit.exe issue
  109. Win32.GGDoor
  110. Fixed: RegClean is a malware.
  111. Fixed: Bookmark for tinyurl
  112. Fixed: Possible False Positive
  113. Need User Feedback: deskup.exe shown as CoolWWWSearch.hjg
  114. Fixed: Possible false positive - ActiveToolBand (x64)
  115. Fixed: t-timer FP
  116. Spyhunter is not malware
  117. As Intended: False Positive: ViralURL.com & www.ViralURL.com
  118. Spyware Detector as Malware?
  119. Need User Feedback: Suspected F/P of FakeAlert
  120. Fixed: Troyan Win32.Small.fb in Wine!
  121. Fixed: False positive: Abyssmedia.com
  122. Need User Feedback: Probable false positives.
  123. Need User Feedback: Possible false positive report
  124. ¿fraud.xpantivirus flase positive?
  125. Need User Feedback: Help! Spybot is blocking Netgear!!!!
  126. Outlook .pps mail attachment doesn't open
  127. Need User Feedback: Possible Smitfraud-C FP
  128. Fixed: tphklock.dll
  129. Fixed: Virtumonde.sdn at psqlpwd.dll
  130. Fixed: Virtumonde.sdn and ptipbmf.dll
  131. Fixed: False Positives on Spyware Cease
  132. Vitumonde - False NEGATIVE ??
  133. Fixed (Heuristics): Spybouncer - possible false positive
  134. Fixed: domino.exe
  135. What is all this?
  136. Win32.Hidden.rtk
  137. Need User Feedback: SpybotDeletingxxxxx(alphanumeric) - What?
  138. Fixed: Sumom.a False positive
  139. Fixed: false positive for hpdiags.exe
  140. Fixed: Win32.ActiveKeyLogger F/P
  141. HOSTS file false positive
  142. Yet Unverified: Myway.MyWebSearch
  143. Fixed: Beast False Positive
  144. As Intended: False Positive: WildTangent?
  145. Fixed: Possible false positive - Win32.Agent.bzs
  146. Fixed: Accoona F/P
  147. Fixed: Spybot S&D and malware
  148. Fixed: Possible false positive report "WMDrive.sys" with Smitfraud-C *** and more! ***
  149. As Intended: Are these False Positives?
  150. Fixed: Darkonia - possible false positive
  151. Can't run Remote Web Workplace
  152. As Intended: CoolWWWSearch false positive?
  153. Fixed: Win32.Sober found in Windows 7 - false positive?
  154. Fixed: Khalmnpr.exe infected with Virtumonde?
  155. Fixed: False positive on virtumonde.sdn c:\windows\system32\ackpbsc.dll ?
  156. Fixed: Avira Premium Security Suite Firewall detected as Win32.Delf.qmw
  157. Microsoft.Windows.RedirectedHosts?
  158. As Intended: Spywareinfo.TrafficZ on www.spywareinfo.com in my SeaMonkey v1.1.14 bookmarks.html
  159. Fixed: Another new HP False Positive
  160. Fixed: E-Sword 8.0 Bible reporting 2 DLL as heuristic false positives
  161. As Intended: False Positive in Bookmarks
  162. donwloader - false positive?
  163. Fixed: Brontok.Ab? in desktop ini file
  164. Fixed: Virtumonde.SCI detected on NAV Helper BHO
  165. Fixed: False heuristics hit on Symantec file?
  166. cfire FP
  167. false positive in imunisations *host file block*
  168. Need User Feedback: False positive: Firefox bookmark.htm removal
  169. As Intended: False Positives in Bookmarks
  170. Spyware Cease: False Positive
  171. Fixed: False Positive?
  172. virtumonde not flagged during SS&D scan
  173. TeaTimer has issues with cleanmgr???
  174. False Positive for Virtumonde on Spybot-S&D?
  175. Confirmed: Virtumonde detected in C:\windows\system32\zipfdr.dll
  176. Confirmed: False Positive on Virtumonde in zipfldr.dll?
  177. TrendMicro and McAfee considered dangerous?
  178. possible false positive for Registry Fix
  179. Rapport flagged as malware
  180. Need User Feedback: Teatimer False Positives
  181. Need User Feedback: WIndows false positives. PLEASE HELP!
  182. Fixed: Real Trojan or PGP False Positive?
  183. Fixed: Mizuphone classed as a dialer?
  184. Fixed: swxcacls.exe - looks like FP
  185. Fixed: CIADoor or false definitions?
  186. Fixed: false positive: Ant toolbar - malware or not?
  187. Spybot not allowing me to install Microsoft Outlook Office Connector
  188. Need User Feedback: MalwareBytes update detected as "perfect keylogger"?
  189. Fixed: False positive with Garmin's spanner.exe?
  190. Fixed: mIRC reported as IRC.Zapchast
  191. Fixed: Fraud Virus Doctor
  192. Need User Feedback: Royal.dice .casino. False positive?
  193. false positive virtumonde on spybot?
  194. Fixed: False Positive - Audio Precision AP 3.3
  195. Fixed: Fraud.Virus Doctor
  196. Fixed: Fraud.virusdoctor
  197. Need User Feedback: Western Digital Drive Manager - PerfectKeylogger?
  198. Need User Feedback: false positives
  199. Fixed: UPX-packed executables
  200. Fixed: False Positive: toyhide.bmp
  201. Fixed: Website False Positive
  202. Morpheus Toolbar & imapi.exe
  203. Need User Feedback: kuasio.ka trojan
  204. Still false positive: Fraud.VirusDoctor
  205. swf_toolbox.exe blocked
  206. Fixed: EBlaster false positve?
  207. False positve Slvoice.exe
  208. Fixed: False positive: Fraud.Antivirus 2008
  209. Fixed: Possible False Positive? Sun Java/Perfect Keylogger
  210. Fixed: every jpg I scan shows EBlaster under heuristics
  211. Need User Feedback: Virtumonde: false?
  212. Fixed: Top Producer Online msjavx86.exe
  213. Fixed: Comodo Internet EvilEye!
  214. Need User Feedback: Latwest Update: Scan results FP?
  215. Fixed: Troj Printspool - Possible FP?
  216. Fixed: Firefox bookmarks false threat warning
  217. Need User Feedback: nvidia and smitfraud
  218. Confirmed: Virtumonde.sdn in iwlandrvxpver.dll
  219. Fixed: Malwarebytes mbamgui.exe detected as Smitfraud-C?
  220. Need User Feedback: Virtumonde
  221. Need User Feedback: Perfect Uninstaller ver
  222. Need User Feedback: Win32.Agent.bfj
  223. company website blocked by spybot
  224. Fixed: BitWorld Bookmark
  225. Fixed: Possible Virtumonde.sdn false positives
  226. Yet Unverified: Virtumonde.sdn and Lojack False Positive
  227. Need User Feedback: New member looking for info.
  228. Fixed: Possible False Positive? Win32.SharaQQ.30
  229. Fixed: Win32.Agent.Bbzv:: WordWeb Free version
  230. Need User Feedback: Wweb32.exe
  231. False Positive for Win32.TDSS.reg with 7/1/2009 updates?
  232. can't reinstall WordWeb
  233. Need User Feedback: Spybot shouldn't do this
  234. Fixed: Spybot detecting MBAM as malware.
  235. Need User Feedback: regsvr32.exe and rundll32.exe f.p.?
  236. Need User Feedback: Spybot Resident alerts on install of Advanced System Care
  237. False Positive Virtumonde Trojan
  238. Fixed: False Positive; Win32.TDSS.rtk
  239. Spyhunter
  240. Fixed: SB1 3EA258E5 eBLASTER
  241. Fixed: False Positive-Eblaster- vbcards.dll
  242. Yet Unverified: False Positive ENLOCSTR.EXE?
  243. Fixed: eblast detected
  244. Fixed: virtumonde trojan
  245. Fixed: False Positive
  246. Fixed: Win32.Fakealert.ttam
  247. Need User Feedback: infection found in only one of three identical downloads
  248. Need User Feedback: simbar
  249. Fixed: Spybot false/positive KEY or ? help...
  250. Fixed: JRE 2 Update 16 Win32.TDSS.rtk