View Full Version : The Consumer Reports misprint

2006-09-29, 14:10
It seems at least the details of the misprint have been solved. While the article itself correctly shows spybot.info as the URL, the wrong URL which leads to a fraud site is in the back of the magazine under Contact info for Protection software.
And even though this misleading information has lead dozens of people into paying for a fraud product, Consumer Reports now, after two weeks, finally reacted by sending an email - saying they will not even look into this problem of a misleading URL if I cannot proof contact information through an official letterhead. While at the same time admitting that Consumer Reports' official letterhead information I used did not reach the correct department, therefore the answer was delayed two weeks.
So where we are now is that we have an organisation dedicated to Consumer protection that does not accept information about critical errors that costs their readers money from the same readers. No, we need to design and print a new letterhead with the information for the correct contact information just to have them even look at a mistake. Meanwhile, at the speed which with Consumer Reports reacts, the time they may actually inform their readers, the credit card companies period of objection will most probably be over.

More... (http://www.spybot.info/en/news/2006-08-27.html)